Trusted Sharks one of brand that recieved recognition as Malaysia’s strongest brand. Superbrands is world’s leading brand recognition platform and is estblished in more than 92 countries around the world.

Asia Platinum Award 2019 Jakarta, INDONESIA

The Most Creative & Innovative Product 2019 is first award that Trusted Sharks received outside Malaysia.

Lang International Corporate Titan Awards 2019

The Best Ethnic Sportsware 2019 (EARL ENTERPRISE)
Trusted Sharks has been selected because of the inovation ethnic product concept in to sports attire. Its not about sportsware but its about the creative idea to uplift the culture in Sabah to the world.

TOP 100 YOUNG CEO 2019

This award to recognised our CEO that start this company middle 2013. After all the hard work and challenge, IKON MALAYSIA select Nazri K Hamid as one of TOP CEO in Malaysia.